Don’t hire creative people

June 29, 2010

Has the innovation in your company come to a halt? Are there no creative individuals left in your organization? Are all your employees stiffs without any imagination?

Whatever you do, don’t hire any creative people!

Did you see an opportunity to hire a colorful person full of new ideas? Please send him/her away. Leave the poor bastard alone.

You can not give your organization a vitamin injection by hiring inspiring people. You’ll only drag them down to your own level and the result will be an organization that’s still in rigor mortis but with another soul added to the tab.

You can not buy innovation, you have to design for innovation. Your organization is already full of creative inspiring people but your processes (or lack thereof) for innovation and creativity are holding them back. You need to design an organization and processes where new ideas are cultivated and appreciated. You need processes where the new ideas are caught, valued, implemented and nurtured in a swift and agile manner. Mistakes must be considered equally valuable as successes, or the full potential of your organization’s creativity will never be unleashed. It’s not enough to give employees some room for experimentation; the entire system needs to be explicitly designed for creativity.

Everyone can be creative under the right circumstances but no creativity will survive a badly designed system.

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