Making Decisions Tentative

October 14, 2011

Decisions, sometimes hard to make, but we do need to make them and we do need to live the consequences of them. Some decisions can be changed along the way and some are irreversible but almost all of them are made without full knowledge about the problem. Waiting for full knowledge would leave us stuck in limbo though, because we will never gain it.

When we make a decision, no matter if it’s irreversible or not, we should not make it final. We need to leave a backdoor open for learning to enter. Making a decision final is when we invest so much prestige into it that we’ll stick by it even when we know better, or when we refuse to accept better knowledge even to ourselves.

We need to keep making our decisions and to keep standing by them as the best we could do at the moment, but we should make them tentative in the sense that we’re willing to learn and admit that we’d do it differently the next time around when we’ve gained new insights.

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